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Re: schema headers and release

At 11:17 AM 7/5/99 +0200, Julio Sánchez Fernández wrote:
>I think at least two changes are needed before being ready to make a
>reasonable proposal.
>First, all structures should have a version number.  I think this is
>in line with what other structures in the API have.

The layout of the structure could be inferred from the feature
level (ie: LDAP_API_FEATURE_x).

>Second, we should provide the result of parsing the X- fields, since
>we *can* parse them.

I concur.

>We currently parse them but discard the result.
>For instance, LDAP_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE could have a new field like this:
>	char	***at_extensions;
>defined as a pointer to a NULL-terminated array of extensions.  Each
>array element is a pointer to a NULL-terminated array of strings (i.e.
>'\0'-terminated array of chars).  The first element in each of the
>arrays is the extension name, i.e. a string starting with "X-".  The
>rest of the strings are the values in the qdstrings.  An alternative
>is to introduce an intermediate struct to differentiate syntactically
>the extension name from its values.

I would prefer an intermediate structure to separate the name from