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Multi-threaded slapd on AIX 4.2.1

Good morning OpenLDAP!

I have added some debug code to the malloc (& friends) function. It tends
to indicate that the memory leak comes from (latest "stable" version) :
- servers/slapd/attr.c line 79
- servers/slapd/attr.c line 80
- servers/slapd/value.c line 34
- libraries/liblber/decode.c line 682
- libraries/liblber/decode.c line 686

As I am quite unfamiliar with the OpenLDAP code I wonder if someone could
tell me if it is a good track to follow or not... Is the memory allocated
there free()'d in a special way? Why would this memory leak not appear on
other platforms? Why does it only show up on a multi-threaded server? ...?


Frederic Poels.