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Re: The new mail500: first version

wesley.craig@umich.edu wrote:
> group-members is used when the errorsTo attribute is present.  mail500
> calls sendmail with "-f" "the value of the errorsTo attribute", and a
> recipient list of group-members.

That's right, the process is sendmail->mail500->sendmail->mail500->sendmail.
I have eliminated that and now it is just sendmail->mail500->sendmail.
A single mail500 invocation will expand to multiple normal recipients and
multiple groups and errors.  Each group will have its proper sender address,
but the recipient list for each group will be expanded in the same mail500

In the old code, it was possible to send to group-members directly, thus
bypassing the moderator.  This no longer works.  But someone might have
become accostumed to this and I want to know whether breaking it is good
or bad.  I think it is good.

On the other hand, maybe it was done this way for a reason (memory usage
concerns?).  If anyone can shed any light on this, I would be most grateful.

One more question, since you are probably among the largest and oldest users
of mail500 and you are unhappy about the performance, could you share with
us what are the major performance killers?  That is, besides LDAP :-)
And what would you fix?