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Re: writing backend shells

At 01:58 PM 7/1/99 -0400, Phil Waligora wrote: 
>Does anyone out there know where a good resource is to read on exactly what is
>involved in getting a Perl/SHELL backend database to work on OpenLDAP?  The
>SLAPD Admin. Guide is a good introduction but I dont really understand what's
>involved in actually doing it....Any help you could offer would be appreciated.

The U-Mich, to my knowledge, AND the example provided in the source are
the only decent resources to help folks use the shell backend.

The perl backend is EXPERIMENTAL (devel only).  I believe there is an example
there some where.

Of course, one shouldn't forget the TCL backend (devel only).  It's
likely the most "robust" of the three programmable backends.