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RE: LDAP backend for slapd

The backend is also on my web site at

Currently the only configuration item is the remote LDAP server's address:

	database ldap
	suffix o=Highland Sun, c=US
	server highlandsun.com:6502

> I have uploaded a preliminary version of my LDAP backend to
> ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/hyc-back-ldap.tgz
> This is a simple pass-thru/proxy; all LDAP requests are implemented.
> In the absence of the ldap_parse_result() function I have added 
> an LDAP_OPT_MATCH_STRING flag to ldap_get_option(). Obviously 
> this is only a temporary hack to get things working.
> Comments/suggestions welcome.
> Ultimately this backend should evolve into a metadirectory 
> manager - it should be able to glue multiple servers in totally 
> disjoint namespaces into a single logical tree. It should be able 
> to massage DNs from foreign servers into a consistent DN 
> hierarchy for the local server. It should be able to alter the 
> objectclasses and attributes of foreign entries to make them fit 
> into the local schema. It should be able to glue multiple entries 
> (or portions thereof) from foreign servers into a single logical 
> entry for the local server. For now, all this is left as an 
> exercise for the reader...