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Big batch of RedHat SRPMs

First, since I'm sending this to the developer contacts of a lot of
packages I use - anyone who has contributed to any software on this page
deserves a great big "thank you" from me. I work in PHP, and that means
that I'm standing on the foundation of all that you've built. I really
appreciate it. 

Here are the latest products of a packaging frenzy I've been on recently: (I have no cool FQDN yet, sorry)

It has the latest known (to me) stable revisions of: 

  o OpenSSL
  o Apache-mod_ssl
  o OpenLDAP
  o MySQL
  o PHP (with IMAP, MySQL, and LDAP built in)
  o Horde (with the IMP webmail module)

Do with them what you want, I am publishing this in the hope that it is
useful. Burn a cd with them and play frisbee, whatever, I don't care. I'd
be happy if someone simply altered the .specs from some of these and
posted RPMs of more recent versions to the big Linux sites.


Build with: 
  o "rpm --install <source package>" 
  o "rpm -ba /usr/src/redhat/SPECS/<specfile>"
  o then install it however you like

I should note that these *work for me*. They may not work for you. If they
don't, I'm open to suggestions on changing that, just don't come at me
with huge expectations. I react much better to patches and or specific
suggestions than "this is broke, why doesn't it work?".

I should also note that I may not be on the list you received this from. 
Direct mail is better.