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Re: admin guide committed

To checkout the guide from the repo, select the "openldap-guide"
(or "guide", for short) module.

	% cvs -z9 -p :pserver:anonymous@cvs.openldap.org:/repo/OpenLDAP: \
		checkout openldap-guide
	Password: OpenLDAP

Please submit patches as per our contributing guidelines.  With
your help, we should be able to have an up to date guide written


At 01:51 PM 4/23/99 -0700, Will Ballantyne wrote:
>The admin guide has been committed to the openldap-guide module in the
>cvs.  The documents are in SDF format.  SDF is available through 
>To create the HTML output in one big page use
>sdf -2html master.sdf
>To create the HTML output with one page per topic use
>sdf -2topics master.sdf