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New schema

Tonight (CET) I will start committing parts of the new schema to the repository.

I must say this has become a *very* frustrating process.  Despite what one
might think, RFC1274 does *not* describe the object classes and attribute
types that we had with names including 'pilot' and such.  They are very
similar, but not the same.  The definitions Netscape DS use are very similar to
ours, with very small deviations.  I can only deduce that the pilot schema
evolved after RFC1274 and Umich, and later Netscape, tracked that evolution.
That, or Umich literally made up the changes and were inherited by Netscape.
Anyway, I have been unable to find updated COSINE pilot schemas that reflect
those changes.  As a consequence, some objects from the pilot do not have
OIDs known to me.  It is little consolation that Netscape does not have them

On the other hand, I have found two large blocks of definitions that do not
come from RFCs as far as I know.  One was expected: the Umich definitions.
The second is something I did not even knew was there:  US-centric things,
many of which have names that include either 'nadf' or 'fips'.  I do not
know where they come from.  I am desperate.

Well, since renaming files in CVS is messy, I will announce what files I will
create tonight so that objections can be raised before I do.  These files will
be added to servers/slapd:

	- slapd.std.schema:  Definitions from RFC2252 and RFC2256 in the new
	- slapd.pilot.schema:  Same for RFC1274 ammended as deemed necessary,
		this is incomplete and needs revision.
	- slapd.umich.schema:  Same for Umich definitions, when available
	- slapd.misc.schema:  Same for assorted definitions, like RFC2247,
		RFC2377 and, possibly, RFC2307.  In general, final destination
		for all definitions not included in other files.
	- slapd.other.schema:  Temporary file in the old format for all
		definitions for which adequate ASN.1 or RFC2252-style definitions
		are not known.  Hopefully, this file will go away.