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Re: LAST CALL for 1.1.3 and 1.2

(Sorry if this has been hashed out already and shot down; I've not
been following as closely as I would have liked the past few

It would be a good idea, I think, to include inthe CVS before the next
release(s) such items as an RPM spec file and comparable files for
other build systems, such as used by debian and the bsd camp(s).

To get things started, attatched is the RPM spec file from the source
rpm for openldap 1.0.2 which is on contrib.redhat.com, and s first cut
at one for 1.2, based on the former.  Also attatched is the
/etc/rc.d/init.d/ldapd file from said source rpm.

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Attachment: openldap-1.0.2.spec
Description: OpenLDAP 1.0.2 RPM Spec file

Attachment: openldap-1.2.spec
Description: OpenLDAP 1.2 RPM Spec file

Attachment: ldapd
Description: OpenLDAP 1.0.2 init.d Start file