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Modifications to support ModifyDNRequest (LDAP v3): comments?

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to bounce this through your minds to make sure I am not
missing anything.

To support the ModifyDN Request I think the following changes are

in -----> ldap/servers/slapd/modrdn.c:

1.-Need to check for presence of the newSuperior parameter in the
and "ber_scanf" if it exists.

2.-Need to pass the newSuperior parameter to the modrdn of the related

in ----->ldap/servers/slapd/back-* (those that support modrdn):

1.-Receive new superior as a parameter from the caller.

2.-Change Parent DN in accordance to newSuperior parameter.

3.-If (deleteoldrdn==TRUE), need to "attr_delete(_by_val)" the old rdn
component from the entry.

4.-Need to add new rdn as an attribute to the affected entry.

Regards, Juan