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back-passwd issues

I was looking through back-passwd search.c and I've found a couple of things
I consider to be bugs:

1)  Bad DN

	The DN returned appears to be:

	Instead of something like:
  		cn=pw_name, SUFFIX

2)  	uid attribute is not part of objectclass 'person'
3)	gecos field processing is incomplete.

Here are a few suggestions for anyone interested in updating this

1)      change objectclass to 'account', return both 'account' and 'person',
	return to 'posixAccount', or make it an option.

2)	modify dn to be:
		attribute=pw_name, SUFFIX

		(hardcode the attribute to 'uid' or make it an option)

3)	Construct full name from gecos, add an "cn" and "description"
4)	Add full gecos field as "description"
5)	extract 'telephone' and other info from gecos field
6)	populate 'host' (w/ hostname)
7)	populate 'l'ocality with domainname

This would be a good project for someone wanting to get their feet wet in slapd code.

NOTE: I consider this backend to be for 'demonstration purposes.'  It would need a
lot more work to useful (such as actually supporting 'bind').