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RE: back-passwd issues

G'day Kurt & al,

> 1)  Bad DN
> 	The DN returned appears to be:
> 		"pw_name@SUFFIX"

Detour: I think this was part of the experimental RFC 822-ish DN syntax.
>From The Little Black Book:

"Because the Directory is intended to eventually support several naming
paradigms, a Directory Name is actually a CHOICE. At present, there is but a
single alternative,a Distinguished Name, though others might appear inthe
future. (One staggers at the thought of the potential for mischiefthat could
be wrought in a future version of the Directory standard.) A DN is simply
the ordered collection of RDNs..."

It sure confused me when I first setup the UMich slapd a couple of years
ago, and first played with the passwd backend -- I thought this *was* how
DNs looked!

One of the first things I did when drafting RFC 2307 was to modify the
passwd backend to return all of the posixAccount attributes, with DNs of the
form uid=xxx,<suffix>. I sent the patches to Mark Wahl about two years ago
but he never put them on the LDAPWorld patches page, quite possibly because
(like me) he didn't think they were particularly useful. I could dig them
out, but...

-- Luke