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Re: Kerberos linking problems

Kurt D. Zeilenga writes:
 > At 04:05 PM 1/10/99 +0000, matt.nottingham@virgin.net wrote:
 > >
 > >I found 5 free minutes to have a look at the latest openldap-devel.tgz
 > >and found that it doesn't link any of the executables.
 > >This is due to
 > >the fact that it was not trying to link with -lkrb -ldes.
 > I recently updated the build system to add $(KRB_LIBS) to
 > the link commands of applications using -lldap.  You might
 > grab the latest (via AnonCVS) and see if my changes had
 > any impact (positive or negative) upon building with Kerberos.

OK I shall try it out.

 > > [snip - details of my quick hack]
 > [snip - reasons why my hack is not a great plan]

I didn't think for a minute that that would be the best way to cure
the problem......

 > >This now allows me to link and it seems to pass all its tests.
 > Hopefully someone will take the time to test the changes with
 > Kerberos before the next release.
 > I would also welcome patches to clean up UD's des_string_to_key()
 > usage.

I shall at least try and compile it. Unfortunately my knowledge of
kerberos & ldap and amount of free time are all somewhat limited....

Matt Nottingham

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