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Kerberos linking problems

I found 5 free minutes to have a look at the latest openldap-devel.tgz
and found that it doesn't link any of the executables. This is due to
the fact that it was not trying to link with -lkrb -ldes. To fix this
(quickly) I modified configure.in as follows at the end of this
message with the output if diff. Basically all I do is make sure the
KRB_LIBS get prepended onto the LIBS list if it is required. This now
allows me to link and it seems to pass all its tests.

Matt Nottingham

PGP fingerprint: 8D 99 00 EB C4 B2 10 DF  D8 5C E3 39 A7 12 56 2A

< dnl   if test $ol_link_kerberos = yes ; then
< dnl           save_LIBS=$LIBS
< dnl           LIBS="$KRB_LIBS $LIBS"
< dnl           AC_CHECK_FUNCS(des_string_to_key)
< dnl           LIBS=$save_LIBS
< dnl fi
> if test $ol_link_kerberos = yes ; then
>       save_LIBS=$LIBS
>       LIBS="$KRB_LIBS $LIBS"
>       AC_CHECK_FUNCS(des_string_to_key, LIBS="$KRB_LIBS $save_LIBS", LIBS=$save_LIBS)
> fi