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Re: ldap backend to informix

> ... (there was an example postgresql backend interface
> as well, but can't remember where I saw it). The main concern is ODBC on
> unices, and there aren't any free implementations as far as I know.
> Thre's iODBC but I haven't had any success with it. So it's either write
> a specific db backend or a generic one, generic allways wins of course,
> but if nothing else is available someone will have to sit down and do
> proprietary stuff. Marcel, you volunteer?

Not sure if it helps, but PostgreSQL and ApplixWare interoperate via
iODBC and a Postgres-specific driver just fine. This is all native on my
Linux/Unix box and is a fairly recent development available with the
Postgres v6.4 release. We have had reports of success with FreeBSD and
Solaris, and I'd expect other platforms to work also. The
Postgres-specific driver is psqlODBC and is packaged with the Postgres
sources; other drivers are floating around but I don't know how usable
they are.

afaik iODBC/psqlODBC do not yet implement the full ODBC spec, but the
subset they have now is sufficient for database access. The psqlODBC
folks are just starting on a features expansion which will get more of
the spec implemented.

Applix supplies the iODBC portion of the driver, but also provides the
sources, and I don't think it differs (much, if at all) from the generic

                         - Tom

Thomas Lockhart
Interferometry Systems and Technology