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ldap backend to informix

 we got a request from a customer that coordinates a huge project in
 germany. he is looking for a ldap-server that should be used for
 authentification from a hyper-g server. hyper-g says that they will
 support ldap, though they don't right now, as far as i know.
 well, the problem is that ldap has to communicate with an informix
 database and must run on aix. the customer doesnt want to buy any
 commercial software, because the price is bound to the number of 
 entries (Netscape), and as this project deals with about 2.5 million
 (2.500.000) entries it would be to expensive for him.

 so we thought about the open-ldap server. this one actually compiles
 under aix, according to the documentation. but there needs a informix
 backend to be written.

 what do you think how difficult it would be to do so and how long it
 would take? does anyone have experience with informix?
so far and cheers
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