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Re: What defines a leaf entry (Errors when using ldapdelete) Solution

Hi there!

>XXX means unimplemented part of code :) I think always, after deletion of
>entry, id2children stay the same - so you always receive positive answer in
>has_children() call :(
>Will wait for fix from openldap dev team...

ok.  i decide not to wait for fix from ldap team and wrote it by myself :)
My code implements cleanup of id2children after deletion of leaf entry. It
is  not a complete solution - it don't support LARGE databases, but it's
only first release :)

I've tested this code on example from Yusuf, and all working fine.

I'll send modifications to anyone interested in it. Just drop me a note.

P.S. i wrote this fix for Eudora slapd, but as i think, it will work on
openldap-release code.