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Re: ldap backend to informix

>  what do you think how difficult it would be to do so and how long it
>  would take? does anyone have experience with informix?

It would be easy and it would take about two-three days intensive coding
(a week at most). There was a discussion some time ago about a generic
SQL backend for openldap with many pros and cons that have been brought
forward. As of right now, there are very few people involved with
openldap that allready don't have something else to do (and bugs to
fix), but the idea is still around, we only need people who are willing
to implement it (there was an example postgresql backend interface
aswell, but can't remember where I saw it). The main concern is ODBC on
unices, and there aren't any free implementations as far as I know.
Thre's iODBC but I haven't had any success with it. So it's either write
a specific db backend or a generic one, generic allways wins of course,
but if nothing else is available someone will have to sit down and do
proprietary stuff. Marcel, you volunteer?