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Compilation problem

I came across a couple of problems when trying to compile
openldap-devel.tgz which I downloaded a couple of days ago.

My system runs Debian Linux 2.0 (+ some files from 2.1). I wanted to
try out the kereros options so I installed the kerberos packages from
the non-US section which are based on kerberos 4. It all appeared to
configure OK, but on compilation it could not find any of the kerberos
libraries. Detailed investigation of the config.log showed that it
failed to find des_string_to_key which made it not include the
kerberos libs in the Makefiles. Looking at the compile line used in
the configure process showed that it was only tryning to link with
-lkrb and not including -ldes when looking for des_string_to_key. To
fix this I inserted a line:

LIBS="-lkrb -ldes $LIBS"

at line number 3192 in configure. However this is not the correct
thing to do, but my knowledge of autoconf (& its friends) is currently 
somewhat limited, but it cured that problem......

I've also had some problems with vsnprintf and conflicts with the
prototype in /usr/include/stdio.h but this requires some further
investigations on my part.

I hope the above information is of some use. 

Matt Nottingham

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