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Re: Compilation problem

At 09:16 PM 12/7/98 +0000, matt.nottingham@virgin.net wrote:
>I came across a couple of problems when trying to compile
>openldap-devel.tgz which I downloaded a couple of days ago.
>Detailed investigation of the config.log showed that it
>failed to find des_string_to_key which made it not include the
>kerberos libs in the Makefiles.

I've updated the des_string_to_key check such that it includes
KRB_LIBS in the libraries and does the check for both k4 and k5.

Of course, UD support of Kerberos still needs some work.  I'm 
willing to update configure.in as needed if someone could provide
details for which functions need to be looked for and then patch
des_to_string.c and other UD files as needed.