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Re: -devel build problems on FreeBSD-2.2.7.

At 03:52 PM 11/25/98 -0600, Randy Kunkee wrote:
>Just downloaded to my FreeBSD-2.2.7 laptop, which was recently upgraded from
>FreeBSD-2.2.2.  "configure --prefix=/usr/openldap --enable-shared"
>built only after the following changes:
>1. clients/ud/ud.h and string_to_key.c: Changed the type of des_string_to_key
>   to void instead of int.  The man pages document this as an int function, 
>   but /usr/include/des.h declares this as void.

Changed to void, thanks.

I'd very much like to get rid of some of the Kerberos #ifdef hell.

Which functions should I check -lkrb -ldes for?

How should the HAVE_FUNCTION defines be utilized in the code?

>2. In numerous Makefiles: added $(KRB_LIBS) to the end of the LIBS= lines
>   to make ud, slapd, slurpd (at least) link.

Added $KRB_LIBS to clients/{ud,tools}, servers/{*,slapd/tools} Makefile.in.