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OpenLDAP To Do List

OpenLDAP To Do List

This is a list of projects that need getting done.  They are defined
by scale of the effort as opposed to priority.  Contribute to projects
based upon your personal priorities.

If you would like to work on any of these projects, contact the
please coordinate with the listed individual.   If no one is
listed, contact <project@OpenLDAP.org>.

If you have a project you'd like added to the list, talk it up
on -devel.

Larger than life projects
LDAPv3 support <kurt@openldap.org>
LDAP C API (draft-ietf-ldapext-ldap-c-api-xx) support <kurt@openldap.org>
Schema Repository

Large projects
redesign slapd threading
Modify -lldap to be session-level multithreaded <kurt@openldap.org>
Port slapd (incl back-ldbm & tools) to NT

Medium projects
Modify -lldap to be reentrant/threadsafe <kurt@openldap.org>
Modify -llthread to have private interface 
Extend configure.in to support autodetect of ISODE features.
Port slurpd to NT

Small projects
Modify -lldap to not use non-reentrant library functions <kurt@openldap.org>
Create ldapurl (from ldapsearch?) to support searching by URL
Create ldappasswd to support generation of crypt, sha1, md5 passwords.
Extend configure.in to support autodetect of Kerberos features.
Extend mail500 (and other daemons) to use ldap filters.