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Re: GNU Autoconf progress

Work on the new autoconf system going quite well.  The
following platforms have been tested to varying degrees:
	Debian Linux
	FreeBSD 2.2.5
	FreeBSD 3.0

We'd like to had your platform to the list!

>>Here is a short and incomplete TODO list:
>>	* Detection of THREAD API
>	Added detection of Posix Threads (final and draft 4).
>	  Need to add support for platform specific link options.
	   Added detection of -pthread -lpthread -lc_r.
	   Added detection of DCE threads.
>	  Need to detect platform specific defines.
>	Added detection of LinuxThreads.
	Need detection of preemptive behavior
	  CPPFLAGS=-DPTHREAD_PREEMPTIVE needed on some systems
	Need detection of other thread options.

	Added --with-thread=manual to allow thread options

>>	* Detection of Kerberos version
>>	* Detection of DB2
	Options now allow specification of API separate from DB type.
		API: db2 db gdbm ndbm
		types: btree hash

	Added --with_ldbm_api=manual to allow LDBM options

>>	* Detection of ISODE/X.500 features
>>	* Handling of string translation features.
>>	* Makefile.in for ldapd
>	Added basic template, needs work.
>>	* Makefile.in for man pages.
>	Added templates for manuals.
	Need detection of compress manual support.

>	* Import generic headers
	Added generic headers, see include/ac

>	* Modify source to use generic headers
	No significant changes made here (yet).

	* Added basic VPATH support
	  make depend needs work
	  make tests needs work

>>You can check out the current state of this development
>>by checking out the OPENLDAP_DEVEL_AC branch.  If you'd
>>like to pitch in, just holler.

We especially need folks to run platform tests!


PS: I made a quick snapshot for those without AnonCVS.