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Re: char* parameters -> const char* ?

> Change it and write to ldapext about it - that'll be an argument for
> fixing the draft before it becomes an RFC.
I have written someone on LDAPEXT (Tim Howes to be specific) about such
a change, and this is the response I got (minus some stuff about me
using a deprecated function call in my example :)

> I've cc'ed the draft's editor,
> Mark Smith, who will know for sure. He's on vacation
> until early next week, though. I do know that we've
> struggled with whether to use const or not and how
> much.

So, it looks like this is an issue they are/have looked/ing at. I am
waiting to hear back from Mark Smith. If anyone else thinks this is a
good idea and would like to support the const declaration in the API
draft I would appreciate any petitions there might be out there. I do
think it is the "Right Thing" to do, besides making my life easier :)