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Re: GNU Autoconf progress

At 09:17 PM 9/17/98 -0700, I wrote:
>I've been make slow but steady progress towards having a 
>GNU Autoconf build system.  There is still lots to do.
>Here is a short and incomplete TODO list:
>	* Detection of THREAD API
	Added detection of Posix Threads (final and draft 4).
	  Need to add support for platform specific link options.
	  Need to detect platform specific defines.
	Added detection of LinuxThreads.

>	* Detection of Kerberos version
>	* Detection of DB2
	Added detection DB2.  Can use either DB2 API or -compat185.

>	* Detection of ISODE/X.500 features
>	* Handling of string translation features.
>	* Makefile.in for ldapd
	Added basic template, needs work.

>	* Makefile.in for man pages.
	Added templates for manuals.  Currently installed without
	compression (need to detect if platform supports compressed
	man pages).

	* Import generic headers
	* Modify source to use generic headers

>You can check out the current state of this development
>by checking out the OPENLDAP_DEVEL_AC branch.  If you'd
>like to pitch in, just holler.