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Re: (ITS#8056) [PATCH] libdb version is not detected correctly when using gcc5

On 11/02/15 14:25, hyc@symas.com wrote:
> Your patch is simple enough but frankly this sounds like a bug in gcc
> 5's cpp. It shouldn't be inserting gratuitous whitespace in the middle
> of lines, or inserting line breaks arbitrarily.

Not a gcc bug, the ITS report proved incomplete. gcc-5 inserts
"# <file information>" lines (indicating where the macro
expansion comes from, I think), so it needs the line breaks.

This slightly different test program:

#include <db.h>
__db_version DB_VERSION_MAJOR+0000;

...produces this:

# 2 "test.c"
# 2 "test.c" 3 4
# 2 "test.c"