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Re: (ITS#5612) Contributing An Overlay which Submits Modification in LDAP to a Web-Page!

Thanks for your replies.

By looking at RFC4533 AND slapo-accesslog I __don't__ think they can
be used against what my contributed overlay can do.

The overlay actually monitors add/delete/modify operations based on
attributes/dn/classobject and if they matches it triggers event to the
URL (like interrupt).

Now the thing is: in our case, the web-page is not used to display
modifications to users or on the browser __rather__ it perform some
operations on other enterprise applications based on the event
triggered from LDAP overlay hence polling kind of mechanism can't work
for us.

We are going to use this overlay in our open-source-product "Zivios -
Open Source Enterprise Management". Zivios will be used for management
of all enterprise applications (like OpenLDAP, Kerberos, Mail-Server,
Network Time Server etc) from a single web-based panel, so all
modifications done through Zivios on LDAP will be made/reflected on
other applications/servers at the same time. Now if somebody perform
some operation on OpenLDAP directly (means by skipping Zivios) then
Zivios should be triggered for such a change and then it can act on
other servers accordingly. Thus event received by Zivios is __not__
for displaying data; rather its for doing some background processing
although this overlay can be used to display LDAP operations on web

Please suggest me someother way which can work on scenario mentioned
above if my overlay isn't good enough. Let me know if overlay name or
description isn't clear and is creating misundestanding about the
functionality of the overlay.

Fawad Lateef