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Re: (ITS#5612) Contributing An Overlay which Submits Modification in LDAP to a Web-Page!

fawadlateef@gmail.com wrote:
> By looking at RFC4533 AND slapo-accesslog I __don't__ think they can
> be used against what my contributed overlay can do.

Judging from your description using syncrepl is __exactly__ what you 
need. Especially since some HTTP requests might get lost.

> Now the thing is: in our case, the web-page is not used to display
> modifications to users or on the browser __rather__ it perform some
> operations on other enterprise applications based on the event
> triggered from LDAP overlay hence polling kind of mechanism can't work
> for us.

Use syncrepl's refreshAndPersist mode. Also write your sync component in 
such a fashion that if connection is down for some times you can catch 
up with changes happened in between.

Ciao, Michael.