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Re: (ITS#5614) Ignore invalid search filters

hyc@symas.com wrote:

> I don't think ldap_munge_filter() is adequate any more. Note that filter2bv 
> doesn't use (?=undefined) for unknown attributeTypes or illegal values any 
> more, it uses (?<attr>=<value>). This change was made to allow the log 
> messages to show what the actual offending values were. A better strategy here 
> may be to walk the Filter tree and look for 
> (f->f_choice&SLAPD_FILTER_UNDEFINED) before making the search request, so that 
> no retries are needed.

That's what the new patch does, for example, for back-meta.  However, we 
still need somehow to "unparse" the filter to allow those substitutions 
the proxy must honor, like "(?=true)", "(?=false)".


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