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Re: (ITS#4234) slapd-ldap returns 52 whereas server is available

On Lun 5 décembre 2005 10:50, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> Raphael,
> by design, back-ldap & back-meta do their best to recover from a
> connection down with the remote server(s); if they can't they return 52
> (unavailable).  It is not 100% clear from your report if the issue is that
> you got one 52 and then the server worked, or if you keep getting it.

The problem is that I keep getting error 52 once the remote server is up.

>  In
> the latter case, I'll need to investigate where and whether there are
> chances the code fails in resetting the connection.  For this purpose, it
> might be worth seeing a detailed log of the server.  You can increase the
> log level of the server by adding log levels to the cn=Log,cn=Monitor
> interface.  This will change the log level on the syslog.  I think "stats"
> + "args" + "trace" should be enough.

Unfortunately I re-lost then recovered the connexion to the remote server
and after that the proxy start again to work fine.  I'll post a follow-up
if  I can reproduce this issue.

Raphael Ouazana.