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RE: (ITS#4197) DynList not return attributes

The file is in 'incoming' folder in the ftp site.  I did some find
and replace to de-personalize some of data entries.

I couldn't ftp my log file (4197-log-2.gz).  It complained:

452 Error writing file: No space left on device.

The log file is about 1.1 MB compressed.  Let me know when I can
upload after the device is freed up.


 >The fact that "you're sure there are more" may or may not be
 >authoritative enough to determine if there's a bug in the code.  I'd ask
 >you two more checks:
 >1) manually run the two searches that dynlist would run:
 >ldapsearch [options] -b "ou=people,dc=uci,dc=edu" -s sub \
 >         "(ou=ADCOM SERVICES)" displayName
 >ldapsearch [options] -b "ou=people,dc=uci,dc=edu" -s sub \
 >         "(ou=ADCOM SERVICES)" mail

result:  4197-result-1

 >and see what happens; post the results provided you hide any sensitive
 >info (e.g. anonymize the mail addresses)
 >2) if (1) does confirm the issue, send (maybe an upload to OpenLDAP's
 >ftp, in incoming/, with a link in a reply to this message may be a good
 >choice) a log of slapd at "-d -1", just in case.

result:  4197-result-2
slapd log file: 4197-log-2.gz (I gzipped it because it's too large; 
it's now in http://apps.adcom.uci.edu/LDAP/bug_report/4197-log-2.gz)

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