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Re: (ITS#4234) slapd-ldap returns 52 whereas server is available


by design, back-ldap & back-meta do their best to recover from a
connection down with the remote server(s); if they can't they return 52
(unavailable).  It is not 100% clear from your report if the issue is that
you got one 52 and then the server worked, or if you keep getting it.  In
the latter case, I'll need to investigate where and whether there are
chances the code fails in resetting the connection.  For this purpose, it
might be worth seeing a detailed log of the server.  You can increase the
log level of the server by adding log levels to the cn=Log,cn=Monitor
interface.  This will change the log level on the syslog.  I think "stats"
+ "args" + "trace" should be enough.


> In some rare case (1 on 10 proxies in my environment) a proxy return error
> 52
> (Server is unavailable) whereas my server is available.  In fact my server
> was
> down for some minutes and when he came back 9 on 10 proxies found it but 1
> did
> not.
> I can't have very precise debug information on this server because the
> binary is
> stripped.  But it seems to be stuck in an infinite loop as it takes about
> 12% of
> the cpus whereas there is no really active client.

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