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Re: slapd failing on RH 7.0 system (ITS#1340)

On Sat, Sep 22, 2001 at 05:15:23PM +0000, Weissborn, William, JR (Bill) wrote:

> Ok...let me rephrase that last question:  I copied down the openldap
> package/software.  Apparently I have to "chase down" some other software.
> What other software does openldap need to run?

"the" openldap package? OpenLDAP is released as source code, with
instructions on building/installing. If you obtained a package from
another source, you should ask that source for more information.
Conscientious RPM package builders will specify dependencies using 
the usual RPM mechanisms, and any missing packages will be listed when
you try to install the package from a command line prompt (or use 
RPM tools to query the package, etc.). In short, talk to the party who 
built the RPM package if you want to use that package; the OpenLDAP
Foundation & its developers cannot support third party releases.