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RE: slapd failing on RH 7.0 system (ITS#1340)

At 10:15 AM 2001-09-22, Weissborn, William, JR (Bill) wrote:
>Ok...let me rephrase that last question:  I copied down the openldap
>package/software.  Apparently I have to "chase down" some other software.
>What other software does openldap need to run?

Assuming you are have a copy of OpenLDAP software as provided
by OpenLDAP, I believe you can just install "./configure" as
described in the Quick Start Guide on most versions of Redhat
Linux.  IIRC, 7.0 was shipped with broken pthread libraries, so
you'll either have to upgrade Redhat Linux or configure
OpenLDAP --without-threads.  Of course, if you are using some
third party packaging, you need to ask that third party for