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Interoperability with Netscape Java SDK

I am having trouble using the Netscape Java SDK 4.0 client libraries with 
non-Netscape directories - e.g. OpenLDAP 2.0.1. 

In those libraries, to get schema information, you create an LDAPSchema
object and make a call to its getFullSchema() method, passing it the object
representing the server. This does The Right Thing on Netscape's directory,
and allows you to make such calls as getObjectClass("person") on the 
LDAPSchema object.

However, against OpenLDAP 2.0.1, it does not get any of the schema from the 
directory, i.e. the LDAPSchema object remains empty of schema information. 
However, no errors seem to be flagged or returned - i.e. the client library 
seems happy with whatever has occurred.
Access to directory data works fine.
Has anyone else seen this, and is it a known bug?