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Re: CPU load at 100% on Windows 2000 (ITS#697)

Sorry, I was not able to find a way to submit changes fast.

I have seen the bug and I fixed it long ago (the procedure to send
fixes back is too complicated for me). It happens an all Windows
platforms (NT and 2000) and it is been here long enough.

It is easy to fix: comment out the "ReleaseMutex( *mutex );" line from
"libldap_r/thr_nt.c", function "ldap_pvt_thread_cond_wait".
"ReleaseMutex" is doing what the first step from "SignalObjectAndWait"
should do: release the mutex. With the "ReleaseMutex" line in, when
the "SignalObjectAndWait" attempts to release the mutex, it fails and
returns an error, without blocking - since the 100% CPU usage.
With the line removed, "SignalObjectAndWait" does the proper job and
the thread is blocked later on with: 0% CPU.

int ldap_pvt_thread_cond_wait ( ldap_pvt_thread_cond_t *cond,
ldap_pvt_thread_mutex_t *mutex )
 //ReleaseMutex( *mutex );
 SignalObjectAndWait( *mutex, *cond, INFINITE, FALSE );
 WaitForSingleObject( *mutex, INFINITE );
 return( 0 );

George Aprotosoaie

Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2000 15:52:26 -0700
To: Marcello.Formica@compaq.com
From: "Kurt D. Zeilenga" <Kurt@OpenLDAP.org>
Subject: RE: CPU load at 100% on Windows 2000 (ITS#697)
Cc: openldap-its@OpenLDAP.org

At 09:37 PM 9/6/00 +0000, Marcello.Formica@compaq.com wrote:
>Done; exactly the same situation (CPU raises to 100% as soon as I try to
>browse the directory via ADSVW).
>Anyway, I found out that if I compile with single-threaded libraries
>Project Configuration = "build - Win32 Single Release", in Visual Studio),
>this behaviour doesn't happen.

Thanks for retest.   Looks like we need a MSVC-aware developer
to look into this...