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Re: async ldap_simple_bind in "SDK" (ITS#311)

At 06:47 AM 9/28/99 GMT, belanger@risq.qc.ca wrote:
>I've been searching in OpenLDAP, UMich and Netscape' SDK for
>a real async safe ldap_simple_bind .

ldap_simple_bind provides a real implementation of the LDAP
BIND operation that is async in terms of the client/server
protocol interactions.  That is, the client call doesn't
wait for the server response to be returned.

Implementing other forms of async would be enhancement.
I suggest starting a discussion on the devel mailing list.
Providing a clear and consise description of how you'd like
the API to behave would be good place to start.

>My question is quite simple, is there someone working on
>this issue?

I don't believe so...

>If not, can someone teach me a little bit of what must be
>done and I would be glad to contribute a few nights (weeks) to get
>this moving and provide the code after, ... if I get it
>to work :-/

Basically, you need to help people help you.  This is
best done by initiating & partipating in devel list
discussions.  You must be subscribed to post.

>Besides the problem I have with ldap_simple_bind (async),
>does ldap_search (async) work fine?

They both "work fine" if they are used in the manner in
which they were designed to be used in.