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Re: pthreads Linux (ITS#310)

> At 04:25 PM 9/28/99 GMT, wsteffen@bwn.net wrote:
> >Thanks for your quick response. I found that neither
> >PTHREAD_ONCE_INIT or pthread_once_init were defined. I tried
> >the configure on another system with an "older" pthreads
> >and the configure worked.
> If <pthread.h> defines NEITHER, the package doesn't implement
> POSIX Threads "final" nor "draft4".
> >I later found that in fact they were 2
> >different pthread packages'
> >The package that IS compatable is:
> >Linuxthreads by Xavier Leroy
> Please note that you have problems using LinuxThreads as it
> is preemptive.  <a
> >The package that IS NOT compatable is:
> >PCThreads by Michael T. Peterson.
> >A quick comparison looks like it might be that it is just the
> >configure that is incompatable.
> OpenLDAP can use either Pthread final and draft4.  PCThreads is
> obviosiosly something else.  It might be usable, but someone
> would need to sort out the differences and implement necessary
> configure/code changes.  Considering that PCthreads appears not
> be actively maintained (since 1996), there doesn't seem much
> in adding OpenLDAP support for it.
> Personally, I recommend GNU Pth (<a
> as it is non-preemptive.
> Kurt
Thanks, I will try the GNU