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Re: pthreads Linux (ITS#310)

At 04:25 PM 9/28/99 GMT, wsteffen@bwn.net wrote:
>Thanks for your quick response. I found that neither
>PTHREAD_ONCE_INIT or pthread_once_init were defined. I tried
>the configure on another system with an "older" pthreads version
>and the configure worked.

If <pthread.h> defines NEITHER, the package doesn't implement
POSIX Threads "final" nor "draft4".

>I later found that in fact they were 2
>different pthread packages'
>The package that IS compatable is:
>Linuxthreads by Xavier Leroy

Please note that you have problems using LinuxThreads as it
is preemptive.  http://www.openldap.org/faq/index.cgi?file=263

>The package that IS NOT compatable is:
>PCThreads by Michael T. Peterson.
>A quick comparison looks like it might be that it is just the
>configure that is incompatable.

OpenLDAP can use either Pthread final and draft4.  PCThreads is
obviosiosly something else.  It might be usable, but someone
would need to sort out the differences and implement necessary
configure/code changes.  Considering that PCthreads appears not to
be actively maintained (since 1996), there doesn't seem much point
in adding OpenLDAP support for it.

Personally, I recommend GNU Pth (http://www.gnu.org/software/pth/)
as it is non-preemptive.