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Get PAID every time people make phone calls!!

You have a chance to start your own business with the 4th largest communications 
company in the U.S. It is a division of Bell Canada and is listed on the New York Stock 
Exchange (BCE is the ticker symbol). This is a very simple business you can run 
completely on the side of whatever you do full time right now! 

This company will pay YOU when people log onto the Internet, use their pager, purchase 
a product over the Internet, make a long distance or cellular phone call, and much more. 
Make thousands of dollars up front and develop an income that will pay you years from 
now whether your are still working your business or not. 

Please follow this link to a short online presentation: 

THEN, get back to me via email, OR call this number and leave your name, phone 
number, and the best time to call. 
1-800-225-8734 (code 6)

Here is why I believe this is the best business in America today:

	NO Products to purchase
	NO Inventory
	NO Deliveries
	NO Collections
	NO Quotas every month
	NO Employees
	NO Experience necessary 

It won't cost you anything to take a closer look at this incredible opportunity, but it could 
cost you A LOT not to!

Warm regards, 
Mike Wolsky