OpenLDAP Developers' Day - Vienna - Proceedings

Presentations are available in a number of different formats: Portable Document Format (PDF), OpenOffice Impress (SXI), and MS Powerpoint (PPT).

PresentationAvailable Formats
Welcome, Kurt Zeilenga, OpenLDAP Project PDF PPT
LDAP on ACID: Implementing LDAP Transactions in slapd(8), Kurt Zeilenga, OpenLDAP Project PDF PPT
back-config - configuration backend, Howard Chu, Symas Corporation PDF PPT
OpenLDAP & Spocp - or how to use an external authorization system with OpenLDAP, Roland Hedberg, Catalogix PDF
Deploying OpenLDAP, David Schmitt Not yet available
LDAP crawlers: use cases, dangers and how to cope with them, Peter Gietz, DAASI International PDF PPT
Sync-based Replication: Protocol and OpenLDAP Implementation, Jong Hyuk Choi, IBM Corporation PDF PPT
OpenLDAP Proxy Cache Development, Apurva Kumar, IBM Corporation PDF PPT
OpenLDAP & Meta-Directory, Pierangelo Masarati, SysNet PDF SXI
Extending OpenLDAP, Luke Howard, PADL Software PDF PPT

See also: final agenda and extra stuff pages.

The conference was sponsored by: PADL Software SysNet

and was organized by Net Boolean Incorporated on behalf of the The OpenLDAP Foundation.

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