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Re: OpenLDAP 2.5 plans and community engagement

On 7/24/19, Ondřej Kuzník <ondra@mistotebe.net> wrote:
> [ ... ]
> We would love to welcome more people to participate in the project and make it
> more active and resilient. People of various skills and experience can make a
> difference, I am personally happy to assist anyone who wants to contribute with
> getting up to speed and start helping out, and for sure I'm not the only one.
> Also OpenLDAP is about more than just C programming and I'll try to outline the
> main areas where we want to focus our work in the short term here:
I'm a long-time user, but have never really got myself involved at the
source level, although I have ported the client tools to Plan 9, way
back in 2.3 times(I checked 2.3.38 - I still use them "to keep me

I'll be happy to help, although OpenLDAP, like just about anything
that is not seriously mainstream that I've done is really just a

I've also been a very early adopter of Go, which is now my developing
language of choice. That does define my philosophy (Plan 9, Go -
should be quite revealing, NetBSD is my Posix preference, by far) and
I am not at all ashamed of my "periphery" preferences.

I have only a very few valuable resources I can contribute, but a long
history of not quite taking anything for granted.

My efforts keeping Graphviz running under Plan 9 were defeated by the
adoption of a practically incompatible configuration and installation
system and it also blocked efforts on my part to port the client tools
from OpenLDAP 2.4: I just felt I was not up to the task.

That's my CV in a few sentences. If you can find a role for me to play
towards 2.5, I'll help. The price is dealing with scratchy personality
and some very fixed ideas that have taken root in my head.

Lucio De Re
2 Piet Retief St
Kestell (Eastern Free State)
9860 South Africa

Ph.: +27 58 653 1433
Cell: +27 83 251 5824
FAX: +27 58 653 1435