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Re: unique values

--On Monday, March 06, 2017 4:37 PM +0100 "A. Schulze" <sca@andreasschulze.de> wrote:


while planning a data scheme update we found it handy to have a unique
value for each entry.
short time later we found "entryUUID" :-)
But we are still unsure.Should we simply use entryUUID or should we
extend our schema
to hold a new attribute similar to entryUUID.

entryUUID is defined in RFC4530, as an internal LDAP attribute. Personally, if you need a UUID for tracking, I would create your own specific to your application/needs. For example, when I was at Stanford, we used suRegID (stanford university registry ID) and when I was at zimbra, we used zimbraID (zimbra identifier). There have been format changes in the past that required wiping out some of the generated attributes when going between releases. Using your own identifier ensures that will not be an issue. Also, if you do things like allow backing up/restoring user entries that have gotten deleted, a restored entry (depending on the method use) may end up with a new entryUUID.



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