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Re: LMDB use of sparse or non-sparse data file

--On Wednesday, March 25, 2015 8:41 AM +1100 Geoff Swan <gswan3@bigpond.net.au> wrote:

Well, to be clear: While the DB is sparse, mdb_copy does drop the
unused map space when using mdb_copy by default.
That is what I have seen.
The filesystem reports 2TB file size for the first server, and 590GB
file size for the mdb copy, with default options.

Use du -c to get actual used space instead of the maxsize value.

I think this is the behavior they're referring to.  However, in my
experience, after starting up slapd with an mdb_copy'd db, where
sparse files are in use, the size will be set to whatever slapd's
configured to use after slapd is started.
This is not what is being seen.
The file size remains at 590GB on the server using the copy, and 2TB on
the original server.

Then there's something odd happening on your server where you placed the copy. What OpenLDAP version are you using?



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