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can't run ldapsearch and slapadd command after install openldap

Hi, All

I am still working on set up a new openldap server on redhat linux machine. I am following the steps offered in following site: 


I am at step 9, I started the slapd, but can't do LDAP search.  I can't run slapadd command either. 

You can see my slapd is up and running, but there are nothing installed in /usr/local/bin.  What should I install and how can I make ldapsearch and slapadd command run? 


[root@oldaptest01 sbin]# pgrep slapd
[root@oldaptest01 openldap-2.4.40]# cd /usr/local/bin
[root@oldaptest01 bin]# ldapsearch 
-bash: ldapsearch: command not found
[root@oldaptest01 bin]# cd /usr/local/sbin
[root@oldaptest01 sbin]# slapadd
-bash: slapadd: command not found

Hui Wang