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Re: are patches important for the openldap installation?

Wang, Hui wrote:
Hi, all

My system admin installed openldap 2.4.40 for me but the slapadd command
doesn’t work. It seems like the ldap package and slapd package weren’t

I am installing openldap 2.4.40 on redhat linux server following this


Those instructions are invalid. They specifically recommend Berkeley DB 6.1.23 and patch the OpenLDAP configure script to defeat our BDB version check. BDB 6.x's license is incompatible with OpenLDAP and using it will make you liable to a visit from Oracle's lawyers.

I can’t install patch successfully. It only patch a few files then
stops. But the make test goes fine.  Will there be a problem if the
patch doesn’t goes fine?

You are welcomed for any input. I am very new to openldap.

Hui Wang (Holly)

CSUN IT Department
Identity and Directory Service

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