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Re: Questionable log entries

--On Monday, March 23, 2015 9:19 PM +0100 Timo Eissler <timo@teissler.de> wrote:

Mar 22 20:10:01 foobarsrv1 slapd[16923]: connection_input: conn=12652
deferring operation: binding

Can be ignored. Server is simply busy and will process this bind when resources allow (this is an informational message).

Mar 22 15:36:33 foobarsrv1 slapd[16923]: connection_read(29): no

This means the client closed the connection w/o performing an unbind request. Can be ignored.

Mar 22 15:37:36 foobarsrv1 slapd[16923]: conn=10375 op=6 ABANDON msg=6

This means the client sent an abandon.  Can be ignored.

Mar 15 09:00:59 foobarsrv1 slapd[28731]: connection_input: conn=16081
deferring operation: too many executing

Same reasons as the first log message.

Mar 12 18:33:54 foobarsrv1 slapd[699]: slap_global_control: unrecognized

This is the password policy control. Since you haven't implemented ppolicy, clearly it won't be available. Should be ignorable unless you want to implement a password policy.



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