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Re: LDAP ldapsearch filter: return uidNumber if person has sub ou=mail

Ok, thanks for your support anyway

Best Regards,

Am 24.01.15 um 19:49 schrieb Michael Ströder:
Leander Schäfer wrote:
Well, one of the main reasons to get rid of my current SQL based mailserver
implementation is that I don't want to maintain account information redundant.
SQL has joins (depending on your SQL DB) but LDAP does not.

Thanks, I'm aware of seeAlso, but it only replies the path, not the value to
what it points - otherwhise this would be it ;)
I did not only mention attribute 'seeAlso' but also the deref extended
control. But this would have to be implemented at the client side (here: dovecot).

Ciao, Michael.