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Re: LDAP ldapsearch filter: return uidNumber if person has sub ou=mail

Am 24.01.15 um 19:03 schrieb Michael Ströder:
Leander Schäfer wrote:
the structure is everything else then complex
It is overly complex.

The entire idea is, that each user can have several mail
I have such a setup with dovecot.

For each *mailbox* (not system user) I have a separate LDAP entry with its own
password and multiple aliases.

In my case I'm not using the uidNumber attribute because my dovecot
installation simply uses vmail:vmail for user/group ownership of the mailbox

But of course you could also add the 'posixAccount' object class to your
mailbox entries.

Ciao, Michael.

I'm aware of the vmail:vmail setup. Unfortunately this is not an option for this mail server implementation. Also I don't want to add 'posixAccount' to my mailbox entries - it would overload it, since it also requires lots of additional unused attributes. I would rather add mailUid and mailGid to my schema to keep it as low weight as possible. But it would still not make me happy since this mailUid and mailGid would be exactly the very same as in uidNumber of the user the ou=mail container with the accounts belongs to. Is there maybe a way of implementing a symbloic link? Something like

mailUid === Internal Symbolic Link to ===> uidNumber,userid=User-1,ou=people,dc=netocean,dc=local