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Re: OpenLDAP Replication Issue


Tony S. Wu schrieb (23.01.2015 20:19 Uhr):

please keep replies on the list.

We kinda did this out of necessity.
This is hell of an answer! :)

Out ultimate goal is to remove
001, move web UI to 002, and move the replication hub role to 002.

The reason we haven't done so is because of replication issue. We
would like to at least figure out what's wrong before introducing
additional changes.
You may consider moving to a 4 node MMR cluster.
Or make 001 and 002 a MMR cluster, which work as provider for your 003 to 005 as read-only replicas, which sent referrals to the provider cluster or use chaining. (You may use a service address for the cluster and move phpLDAPAdmin GUI to the cluster as well.)
Maybe these are more commonly used setups than your current one.